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Opal Creek Wilderness Area Conditions & Restrictions

When To Go and Wilderness Weather

Winter months bring heavy snowfall to the Opal Creek Wilderness area, causing many of the trails in the wilderness to be blocked with snowbanks through June and early July.

Weather Conditions

The summer and fall season typically begins at the end of June on the lower elevation trails and runs to the end of November. High elevation trails are usually snow free from mid-July though September. Always come prepared with an ax and shovel for unexpected trail damage or down trees.


  • Weather -There is no way to determine specifically what the weather will be like. Always be prepared for all types of weather.
  • General Road Conditions - No restrictions at this time.
  • Check trailhead bulletin boards for current regulations. Visitors are encouraged to stop in at any Forest Service Office.

More Information Coming Soon...

Northwest Forest PassA Northwest Forest Pass is required for some trails on the Mt. Hood National Forest. These may be purchased at Forest District offices and other local stores.

Passes are $5.00 per day per vehicle or $30.00 a year.

Day Use fees are charged at Clear Lake, Lost Lake and Trillium Lake. Northwest Forest Passes are not required when an area already has a fee.

  • Wilderness - See Mt Hood National Forest Wilderness page  Special wilderness regulations and area information is available there.
  • River Crossing Safety - Most glacial river crossings on the flanks of Mt. Hood Wilderness do not have bridges. Timberline and Pacific Crest Trail hikers should be prepared for dangerous river conditions.

  • On non-motorized trails practice Leave No Trace.
  • Car Clouting or auto vandalism is a problem at trailheads. Camera gear, wallets, checkbooks, and drugs are the prime targets. When you leave your car do everything possible to secure your valuables. The best way is to plan ahead and leave valuables at home. If you become a victim of car clouting report it to the appropriate County Sheriff's Office.
  • Early Season Hikes - Trail maintenance on most Forest Districts does not begin until late spring or early summer. Prior to that time you can expect blow down or erosion problems on many trails. Snow levels will vary according to elevation and aspect (the direction a slope faces).


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